Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Big brands profit big off of affiliate marketing, you should too.

Why Have An Affiliate Marketing Arm in Your Business?

Unless you are an established corporation, you probably have a BROKEN business model that can't scale.

Imagine having hundreds...thousands of people pushing your products and services FOR YOU.

Reach people and networks you never could before with affiliate marketing.

  • No Creativity

    Most affiliate marketing arms fail because they lack creativity. We helped a roofing company create an affiliate product ($10 guide to know if you need a roof repair, so you don't have to call someone that will just try to sell you).

    Long title for the guide? Yes. But it's creative and worked like a charm.

    Creativity is crucial for making this beneficial for affiliates AND people who would buy from affiliates.

  • No Marketing Plan

    Many affiliate programs die because they weren't marketed properly. Just because you make an affiliate program or want to start one does NOT mean people are going to sign up and help sell products for you.

    You need to get the word out (posts, ads, blogs, press releases, etc).

    It also takes strategy because your end-user for your business is NOT always your target to be an affiliate. This is especially the case in B2B.

  • Not Educating The Affiliate

    Even after years of helping with this, it still holds true. The number one reason affiliate programs fail is because there is a lack or education for the affiliate.

    This means the plan, what's expected, checkups, thorough understanding of incentives/rewards, plans or scripts of daily tasks plus what to say, etc.

This Works For You

You can have a successful affiliate program in your business, no matter your industry (we have helped a wide variety).

Rather than just you marketing, selling, AND fulfilling the services...imagine hundreds pushing your products for you. This is THE fastest, safest (due to social proof), and least expensive way to scale your business.

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We Offer Two Things.

HORIZON: Step-by-Step Guide to creating and implementing a sustainable + scalable affiliate program into your business.

Affiliate Marketing Mentorship: Where we do most of the work for you (marketing, onboarding & educating affiliates, scripts for affiliates, copy for your marketing, new virtual products if needed, etc).

Affiliate Marketing Mentorship

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