I ordered QPET implementation, when will I get it? If it's for yourself, you will be emailed the worksheet, pdf slideshow, and videos on the same day (within a few hours, slideshow and worksheet within minutes). If it's us implementing it for you, an expert will email you and get the necessary information, the begin working. It depends on how many pieces of marketing will need to be updated/changed, but all implementation should be done rather soon (nothing more than a few business days).

I ordered a simple solution (copy, ad, market research, etc), when do I get it? You will get your solution within 5 business days.

Do you have guarantees? Yes, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also have a 100% money-back guarantee for QPET. We also have specific guarantees for specific products/services. Whatever it is, you will be protected and assured that we will do a phenomenal job. 

I bought a service and didn't love my results, what do I do? If it is a simple solution, we will get you another one FREE of charge. If you didn't love the sample copy, we will provide you with another for FREE. Same goes for ads, funnel, etc. For clients and complex problems, you are taken care of and given tons of options. For QPET clients, an expert will be in contact with you helping you out and making sure everything looks right, we will take care of you. 

Why are you different than other marketing agencies? Simple, we get results. We have a proven psychological-selling approach to reduce sales resistance and get you the results you're looking for. Other marketing agencies preach they have secrets, only to get mediocre results. The actual difference is SELLING, and we apply that psychology to all aspects of business-help that we provide. We have professional and incorporated clients with great retention, and very selective of who we take on long term. That's the difference. 

"I'm a beginner. Can you help?" YES

"I'm experienced and want to scale, can you help?" YES

"I just need help in one specific area, can you help?" YES

"I'm a business with a team of people, can you help?" YES

"I'm a solo-preneur and just starting out, can you help?" YES

"I'm brick & mortar, can you help?" YES

"I'm B2B, can you help?" YES

"I'm B2C, can you help?" YES

"HMM, so as long as it's business, you can help?" YES.

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