What Is QPET?


You could be asking...what in the heck is QPET? 

The Complex: A marketing framework centered around sales psychology & the science of consumer decision-making to be applied across all marketing & messaging channels in your business.
The Simple: A guideline so that you get more sales & conversions in your marketing.
Why it works: 95% of companies product push and don't understand how to ASK things from prospects, QPET was developed to change that. 
👉 If you advertise, talk to customers, post content, or have a website...prospects are seeing your stuff. QPET converts more of those people. That's why you might want it. Clients also love it because it's a working system that converts free avenues more (which is basically free money) and converts paid avenues more (so they're saving more, and making more). The $2000 they'd likely gamble away on ads, can be saved with QPET. 
❌ QPET also isn't some fairy dust or generic ai thing. I developed this as a consultant for actual companies in 2018. 
🚨 YOU HAVE TO BOOK A CALL TO GET QPET. We hate calls too, but it's the best way to learn more about your business and make sure it fits. QPET is a personalized solution, so that's the need for the call. Oh yeah, you get a FREE QPET guide once you book the call :)