Affiliate Marketing Mentorship $1K

Affiliate Marketing Mentorship $1K

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The mentorship is essentially DFY (done for you) work. We make your ads, we make the scripts you give to affiliates, we give you the copy for your marketing, we give the onboarding material for educating your affiliates, etc. We can even make digital products for your company if needed. 


TERMS: Most receive all materials within 1 week. If you haven't received them within 21 days, reach out to You are eligible to 1 digital product, 1 onboarding set, 5 ads + copy, 1 set of scripts and material for your affiliates to use. Additional materials may come at additional cost. You are also eligible to calls with the CEO, Zach for the duration of the mentorship which is 30 days. 

An alternate form of payment can be worked-out with the permission of the company (wire, bank transfer/Zelle, etc)

This form represents the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Marketing Mentorship, payment is seen as agreement to said terms and conditions. 

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